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Luxury Designer Cartier Tank Replica At Affordable Prices

How delicious this must be for Cartier Tank Replica, as it celebrates acentury of the Tank: only one other serial production wristwatch predates it, and it's a Cartier, too. Theearlier Santos, however, was a product of expediency, answering the need of its namesake for a watch to wear during his pioneering flights. The Tank, though directly related to a different sort of transport, is more a product of its time, as its shape and name reek of the period. It was a fashion item that transcended the ephemeral.

Born during the First World War, the Tank's form was inspired by the fearsome machine that rendered horse-borne troops redundant. Because the armoured vehicle called the tank wasa buzzword of its day in the way that social media or streaming define our technological present, it wasa term with undeniable immediacy in 1917. Thetank weapon rather than watch did for ground warfare what the then-new aeroplane was doing in the skies. Cartier thus demonstrated a sort of marketing savvy that's still in use.

Cartier Tank Replica

Where it departed completely from its military associations was inits unparalleled elegance. As practical as itproved to be, the Tank was handsome, having nothing in common with its utterly utilitarian namesake. Theconnection was forever limited to the look: The Tank (watch) resembles thetank (armoured vehicle) as seen fromoverhead, its extended sides recalling the slab-sided, first-generation tank's parallel treads.

Small and elegant, it was unlike other wristwatches that followed in the wake of the Santos and the decade before its birth. What made the Tank so revolutionary was that it did not resemble the majority of early wristwatches: small pocket watches adapted to accept some form of strap. Reaching full production by 1919, the Tank not only heralded the arrival of the wristwatch as the new norm (though pocket watches would remain dominant until the late-1930s), it proclaimed the wristwatch as something modern.

Aside from size, and proportions that depending on model were either perfectly square save for the extensions of the sides, the brancards, that formed the lugs, or resolutely rectangular like the Tank Louis Cartier, the definitive production versions of its first years are visually indistinguishable from current offerings. In the intervening century, the Cartier Tank has spawned as many variants as the Rolex Oyster, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and the Patek Philippe Calatrava. All are long-lived and, therefore, necessitate rebirth, revisions and reinterpretations, butamong them the Tank always strays the least from its original look.

Without knowing Louis Cartier, one cannot say how much of his genius was tempered with prescience. Washe simply driven to create a watch for the wrist, and the form followed the function, or was he perpetually cognisant of the need for his clients to exhibit panache? Whether it was meant to be a piece of functional jewellery, or merely a tool, the Tank now evokes an era when grace and sophistication were mandatory qualities for haute socit.

While never the most expensive watch on the market, the Tank has always appealed to the well-heeled especially French celebrities. It was also a hit with Hollywood's finest during the 1930s and 1940s, helped, no doubt, by the endorsement of Rudolph Valentino, who famously wore his Cintre in his finalfilm. During the 1950s and 1960s, itwas as close to a default purchase forachic Parisian or habitu of the Riviera asany timepiece could be.

Conversely, it is so refined a design that it finds less favour than one would imagine among the nouveau riche, who mayprefer more of a bling element. Itisto Louis Cartier's credit that his design, while still the only watch aParisian grandedame would wear, isnot the timepiece of choice for spoiledbimbos.

And what a timeless recipe! Cartier itselfhas distilled the essence of the Tankinto four key elements, a quartet of design features that nearly all Tanks possess. Leaving aside departures from the classic dial the full-colour dial Must du Cartiers spring to mind a Tank should feature Roman numerals. One, of course, will contain the secret signature that, alas, no longer fools the counterfeiters and the Tank is one ofthe most faked ofallwatches.