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The sun is shining and the trees are all sporting their new young leaves as Globemaster Omega Replica motley crew of journalists and influencers takes to the streets of Berlin in a magical treasure hunt for clues. The answers reveal a top-secret password that will allow access to the brand's official international Trsor launch party later in the day.

Berlin is a creative metropolis with a vibrant culture and diverse architecture that serve as reminders of the time the city was divided by the Berlin wall. An inconspicuous double row of cobbles traverses the city's roads where the wall used to be. The treasure hunt takes guests on a tour of some of the city's most historic sites, including remnants of the wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate.

Globemaster Omega Replica

The hunt then continues to Berlin's famous Knig Galerie that is housed in a monumental former church built in the 1960s. The gallery was founded in 2002 by Johann Knig and currently represents 30 international, emerging and established young artists a nod to the young and artistic future owners of Trsor timepieces perhaps. It is here that we take a pitstop to see the complete Trsor Collection and discover three new limited-edition models.

Omega isn't short of choices for ladies Ladymatic, Constellation, De Ville, Seamaster and Speedmaster so it is quite a pleasant surprise to discover another brand-new Omega ladies' collection. But why a new ladies collection now? Raynald Aeschlimann, the brand's CEO explains: Omega is about multi product; it was time for us, for me, for the management, to think about creating a watch that is quartz for instance, in the middle of this whole master chronometer trend that we have created. Everyone talks a lot about the movement, but I think it is time to create something beautiful, elegant, fresh and thin, with diamonds. It is perfect and something that we did not have.

The collection comes in two sizes: 36mm and 39mm and in a choice of stainless steel or Sedna gold the brand's proprietary 18-karat rose gold alloy that contains rose gold, palladium and copper and is three times harder than pure gold. All the timepieces come set with diamonds that curve around the lugs and case and are fitted with a flower in the crown that has been created out of five Omega logos in red liquid ceramic.

The dials of the Trsor timepieces are also of particular note as they feature a choice of transferred or embossed Roman numerals which elegantly circle the dial. On each Trsor model there is also a special mirrored caseback that is produced by applying a special metallization treatment to the sapphire crystal and is practically designed for those quick makeup touch-ups.

Omega officially unveiled the Trsor during Baselworld and timepieces have just started arriving in the boutiques, but not to disappoint, they unveiled two new limited editions that show just some of the possibilities that lie in wait for the collection in the future.

The first presents a new mtiers d'art dial which has aventurine as its base. Most aventurine dials are cut from a block of aventurine glass and then decorated with numerals, however, the creative people at Omega decided to experiment with aventurine by grinding it into a fine powder and using it like enamel. This patented process starts with a gold dial base (with its Roman numerals already machined in relief) to which four or five layers of the enamel aventurine are applied. The dial is then fired in the kiln at temperatures around 1000C after each layer of enamel and then polished. The advantage of this technique is that it allows the numerals to be flush with the dial, which would otherwise be impossible to achieve as aventurine is too fragile to cut.

The second limited edition Trsor presents a mother-of-pearl dial that has been taken from the very centre part of the shell. The numerals are expertly cut out, which is almost unheard of due to how fragile mother-of-pearl is. Then this disc is placed over the base of the dial with its raised Roman numerals. The result enables the Roman numerals to be set with diamonds, bringing an even more luxurious