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Star Impact: Hamilton Watches in Movies and TV

Throughout history, watchmakers have been trying to control and regulate time, while the art of film focuses on capturing moments in time. In both of these art forms, the highest achievements become timeless classics.

Watches are one of the ways that men and women can showcase their style and taste, so it makes sense that Hollywood uses them on the wrists of stars to delineate their characters. There have been many Hamilton Amilton Replica Watches success stories in the world of watches and entertainment and today, more and more people are paying attention to what watches are on the wrists of their favorite stars.

There is little doubt about the impact of movies and TV shows on popular culture. Trends are created and destroyed, based on what is popular on the silver screen and on TV.

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T-shirts, surprisingly, can show us the impact movies can have on consumer behavior. In the 1934 film It Happened One Night, Clark Gable took off his dress shirt to reveal his bare chest, no undershirt. Well, men all around the world wanted to be like Gable and stopped buying undershirts. Sales plummeted.

Then, 17 years later, Marlon Brando appeared in A Streetcar Named Desire as Stanley Kowalski in a tight t-shirt and made undershirt sales hot again. Order was restored.

Hamilton has had some of the highest profile uses of watches in movies and TV shows where customers have gone into watch stores without even knowing what make or model of watch it is, just asking for the (insert title here) watch.

I think that Hamilton's entertainment industry history is really important. I believe that cinema is the greatest and most powerful form of art in the modern world, and has an immeasurable impact on our culture. Watches are just as much about emotional connection with the wearer as they are about being functional devices. Having them presented in the most powerful art form, and often in ways that impact the storytelling, has tremendous value, as they can help add to the story, and also provide extra layers of meaning when they are for sale in the actual world. As a retailer we want to sell things that are of impact, and the connection to cinema gives the watches much more impact.

People love the tone of Men in Black and a huge part of it was the attitude and the gear of the characters. Tommy Lee Jones practically defined dry wit in that movie, as he played a character that was both futuristic and reminded you of G-Men from the 1950s with his gear being an extension of his character. The Ventura watch that was worn in the movie was perfect for his character, as it was both sleek and futuristic, yet had design cues from the 1950s. People often come into our store wanting to wear the watch that was part of the MIB gear.

Interstellar is another example of watchmaking and storytelling coming together. There were two watches in that movie that were prominently featured. One was worn by the main character, Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, which people in our dimension could actually buy, and one was used to signal the time jumps in the movie and represented the relationship between father and daughter, as he gave it to his daughter, Murph, early on in the film. The Murph watch was a one-off that you couldn't originally buy, as Hamilton specially crafted it for the film as no watch in their collection had the exact look that the film creators wanted. The Cooper watch was a huge hit at the time of the film and people often come in asking for it. Hamilton introduced the Khaki Murph watch as part of their collection this year to great acclaim.

Movies provide impactful and meaningful moments in culture, and by designing watches for special movies, Hamilton injects itself into the heart of our culture.

My favorite Hamilton appearance would have to be the original Men in Black. For two reasons: I think it was the best use of a watch for the tone of the film, and it was my favorite movie that Hamilton has participated in so far.

My favorite Hamilton watch is actually one of the new releases: the panda dial Intra-Matic Auto Chrono. It's got a great design, is great value, and is a great size. It's hard to think of another $2,000 chronograph that is made as well as this one.