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Best Design Fashion Replica Audemars Piguet Alinghi

The gold-cased Replica Audemars Piguet Alinghi thathas received the Carolina Buccihammered treatment isapiece so exquisitely beautiful that no man could be blamedforgiving in to his feminine side. With a faint reminiscenceof the great Andrew Grima particularly in his Hammered Gold LED watch for Pulsar in the mid-1970s thecase was delicately pitted to create a shimmering mirage givingthe impression, from a distance, of hundreds of tinydiamonds.

Seldom does it happen. We saw it with the Herms Le Temps Suspendu and again with the Patek Philippe Ladies First Chronograph but, on the whole, the occasion of a man coveting a womans watch is as rare as steak tartare. This year, however, we saw something unique, when the pester-power of the alphas actually forced the recreation ofawomans watch in a version for men.

Replica Audemars Piguet Alinghi

The ultimate example of design perfection, the 40-odd years that have passed since the Royal Oaks inception plus the introduction of radical new materials and technologies have done little to detract from it being one of the most instantly recognizablewatches in the world. With a fully-integrated bracelet and case, the two elements separated by means ofsidesandedges, the watch reflects light in every direction giving it the fluid form usually associated with jewelry. And this made it the perfect canvas for Florentine designer Bucci, a fourth-generation jeweler famed for the simplicity andeleganceof herwork.

A signature of Buccis work is theFlorentine finish, which has given the Royal Oak Frosted Gold its shimmering, stippled effect through blasting indentations into the gold withadiamond-tipped high-pressure drill. The difficulty in applying the finish was achieving a uniform effect that did not detract from the fluidity of the Royal Oak lines, and only after many months of trial and error between the two centers of craftsmanship was the desired balance between texture and sparkle achieved.

Already available in rose and white gold, we eagerly await theintroduction of a yellow gold version. And for all those menwho remember the old advertising slogan:Ladies, you ride our Harleys, smoke our Havanas, drink our Glenmorangie. Hands off our IWC, we say:Touch!